Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sebelas Sebelas

Hari ini ialah hari di mana perang dunia pertama ditamatkan. Berjuta-juta orang telah terbunuh.

Hari ini juga adalah hari di mana gua dah habis exam. Berjuta-juta jugak sel otak gua terkorban akibat mengulangkaji.

Tak sangka peperiksaan pun dah macam peperangan.


aishah_conteng_je said...

boleh start basuh baju kat dobi lepas ni.

Shahrul Azry said...

ha3 sama la kita..mari kita celebrate..


mOEha Aziz said...


hidup ni pun peperangan kan... basuh baju pun satu peperangan... antara glisorin dan kotoran... :)

hans said...

owh,hari ni tamat perang dunia pertama ek?
gila hebat memori ko

zahirlunatik said...

aku mggu depan baru nk exam

Sh. Nursyahidah said...

huh.ada 1 paper lg! =p

Legally_Diva said...

wah kaed memang tak aci da abeh dulu..

iyllienaz said...

yeay..same jugak..da abes exam..

Abdul.Fatah.Firdaus (affah) said...


(jerit suka habis exam)

tinta kasturi said...

exam fiddunya sudah...
exam fil akhirah, lg byk kena studi beb!

Shemmi said...

dah lama jugak x exam..

ahh..terasa otak semakin tumpul dan berkarat kerana dah lama x di asah di medan peperiksaan!

Johan said...

bagus2..lepas ni dah takde alasan untuk lu tak tulis entri..haha..alasan berkabung sbb MU kalah tak akn diterima!haha

nami o fish said...

Sebab tu Sir Alex,Carlo Anchelotti semua pakai bunga Poppy.

vesewe said...

Khairy is the worst of the lot. I can understand that most of the Umno Youth members are dropouts/morons who cannot think, but this Oxford chap behaves like a scumbag and talks like a slime ball, totally at variance with what he was taught at that institution.

fargowin said...

According to the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) quoted in the story, there are 785000 Malaysians who work overseas, and an estimated two out of every three among them are likely to be professionals.

Now we can quantify brain drain.

1000 experienced engineers equates to RM10 billion investment. 2 out of 3 of 785000 professionals working overseas is ~ RM5400 billion.

What was Najib budget for 2010? RM200 billion?

So, it is equal to 25 times of national budget.

aston said...

But in Malaysia, MACC, police, Umno and judiciary are one team – united against law, order, rule and justice - to intimidate the people, to jail the innocent, to oppress the opposition and to defend the criminal.

sang kegelapan said...

merdeka untuk lu basuh baju..sama2 kita raikannya..hahaha

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