Saturday, June 13, 2009

Satu penilaian kembali pandangan


Setiap orang mempunyai pandangan mereka masing-masing. Tiada siapa yang pandangannya betul seratus peratus dan tiada pula pandangan yang salah sesalah-salahnya. Setiap pandangan boleh jadi betul untuk golongan ini dan boleh jadi salah untuk golongan lain. Betul atau salah pandangan itu tidak penting.

Yang penting yang perlu kita rayakan ialan: Kita semua perlu dibenarkan berbincang dan bertukar pandangan untuk memperbaiki pandangan kita.

Hari ini Basuh Baju ingin menunjukkan bagaimana kita memperbaiki pandangan kita dan juga mengakui kelemahan pandangan kita.


Ketepikan semua benda ini. Saya ada satu cadangan apa yang patut dilakukan mengenai stadium yang sudah runtuh ini. Saya mencadangkan agar MENGEKALKAN SAHAJA STRUKTUR yang tinggal sekarang.

Komen dari: Neollene

" proses construction sesebuah bangunan bukannya mudah. architecture yg berjaya adalah apabila bangunan itu functional. monumen bukan function. kita sudah banyak membazir..jangan bazirkan lagi duit , tapak, idea dan kreativiti people in construction industry."


Your argument is based on the fact monument is not functional. I beg to differ.

With all due respect (especially you’re my senior and friend) I certainly sure monument is not useless. You see, monument that I propose is functional. Maybe we both see things differently. But rest assured, I’ll clear the air.

The function of this monument are:

1) Give a reminder to the current and next generation.
2) It serves as a tourist attraction. Let me give you a fact:

What do a colloseum in Italy, Hanging Garden in Baghdad, and Great Wall in China have in common? There are structures that collapse and unfinished. One question: Why do the authorities did not repair and rebuild it? And you see these structures have become one of the major tourist attraction.


monument. one of the function Of monument is to become the symbol of the ancient civillization:


1.colloseum is an amphitheatre that had been very useful- since the Roman empire.

2. Great wall china-great age and size. defense purpose.

3. hanging garden babylon- great garden structure, terrace roofs and water pipes..

they have been built in the world history for thousands of years.. great architecture..great structure..great history and uses.

but what does the stadium has? great..largest structure? showing the culture? footballs?

if i am a tourist.. would i decide to visit the stadium just because of it has been collapsed and became a monument?


You’re contradict with yourself.

1) You said: monumen bukan function. But now you said: monument. one of the function Of monument is to become the symbol of the ancient civillization.

2) You said: jgn bazirkan lagi duit , tapak, idea…. But from what you’ve been suggesting, we have to repair the structure/stadium. I wonder how can we rebuild/repair the roof without cost us amount of money? Or perhaps is there a new technology that can doesn’t involves single of penny? But to buy the ‘not-existing technology’ too, money is still needed.

Do I hear the sound ‘flip’ after ‘flop’? Lets wait for some explanation.

I wonder, is the stadium will be fully utilised if it was reopen to the public again? The fact that before the stadium is collapsed, only 10%-20% of its capacity are utilised by the people. The rest has become an empty seat. My fact based on the attendance when Terengganu hosted a football match. Such a not functional stadium after SUKMA 2008.

I wonder, is just because the stadium has not been built a thousand years ago, then you made a decision it can’t become a monument?

If this is your case, then until forever, we may not have any monument in Malaysia. Or else, we need to wait for thousand years later. Then, I’ll become a corpse; buried underneath the earth.


I said that the monument such as the ’stadium’ is not functional if it become a monument..

a monument is functional IF;

” it become the symbol of the ancient ‘civilization’.”- is the stadium reflect our civilization, or culture dear friend?

i’m asking u my friend, Is the stadium act as the first and the last stadium that had ever built in the world history? until it can be the most uniqueeeee structure in the world?

and.. what is the ‘unique history’ that the stadium has until it will be remembered except for its weakness in construction.

“”in architecture, useless/unfunctional building is a big wastage..”" lets do modification.. make it functional n dont do the mistakes again. use appropriate materials for the finishes and structure. reexamine the load. 25Million is still much lesser than 292Million..think again.



Ini merupakan pertukaran pendapat antara dua minda. Di akhirnya kita dapat memperbaiki kelemahan pandangan kita.

Jadi, setiap kali kita mempunyai pendapat dan pandangan tentang sesuatu- kita juga perlu bersedia membuka minda kita dengan idea-idea baru dari pandangan orang lain. :)

(Dalam contoh ini, pandangan Basuh Baju telah salah. Neollene telah memberikan pandangan yang lebih bagus. Untuk itu, terima kasih :)