Sunday, October 24, 2010

Menara Warisan Merdeka 100 Tingkat

Halimi Rauf wrote a brilliant piece in defending the controversial Menara Warisan Merdeka. Some interesting facts from his rebuttal:

1) PNB’s profits do not equate to government revenue, so the government cannot take it and allocate it to other purposes. Following that line of thought, the argument that the money for the tower can be better utilised for educational purposes, for instance, is nullified.

2) Property development is definitely not an approved investment for all the unit trusts. And as PNB’s CEO has asserted, no depositors’ money would be used.

So where would RM5 billion come from? PNB’s own money. Enough even to build several towers, perhaps. Where did they get so much money? 30 years of financial prudence.

3) Since PNB is a government-linked company, what should it really do with its own money? Should it act like the government, and allocate whatever money it has to the country and retain no profit whatsoever, or like a normal company with performance and profit targets?

Read the full article here

For 100,000 people who oppose this tower- please do your homework and come out with better argument.

Jangan jadi Pakatan Rakyat yang asyik-asyik nak gunakan 'term' rakyat bila nak hentam sesuatu benda. Jangan jadi thick-skulled juga tak nak terima fakta bahawa duit rakyat tak digunakan.

Paling penting- argument yang kata stadium Merdeka bakal dirobohkan kerana projek ini juga patut dibakul-sampahkan. (Nampak sangat main hentam keromo je).

After all- kepada Pakatan Rakyat- bajet alternatif mana?