Monday, September 20, 2010

In Reply

When I wrote about socialism, communism and anarchism, I was not saying capitalism is the perfect system to bring peace and prosperity. It is good if it can but without capitalism more than 400 million people across Asia would not have been lifted out from poverty.

I just wanted to show the hypocrisy of socialist, communist and anarchist. I do not go around preaching socialism etc etc, so if I were not "a servant in hot soup kitchen for the poor in winter" as alleged, I am not being hypocritical.

I had often enough said democracy and socialism cannot be run together. Unless you apply capitalism element in that blend. This is exactly what Scandinavians countries are doing. If Nokia, Ikea, Volvo and Ericsson are not capitalist, then what is capitalist? Without these greed-driven-profit-oriented companies, the state cannot "collectively collect tax for its own people".

And please enlighten me, are these Scandinavian countries anarchy?

To those anarchist who happen to be truly democratic fighters, what is the point to choose one own's government when you don't subscribe to the idea of state?

Incidentally, they talk much about socialism i.e. robbing the rich to feed the poor. This concept is noble. So noble until it was named affirmative action. But few people realize only a strong intervention by the state can guarantee its implementation. But is it pure democracy?

Is there democracy in the country where the state can intervene in wealth distribution? How about the will of its own people who are happen to be rich and wanted to use their wealth traveling to Soweto, South Africa? Can the government negate their will? Can the government democratically squeezing their wealth? And do remember, are they really nice to vote for government who will squeeze their wealth? Clearly one must become undemocratic to implement affirmative action as advocate by socialism. Just look at Cuba, China and yes, Malaysia for example.

Considering this, would you still believe democracy, anarchy, communism and socialism can be blend together without capitalism? By using Scandinavian countries as reference, you are already know the answer. The truly hypocrisy prevails.

This same people talk, preach and fiercely demand the stateless world where no government, no affirmative action, and no capitalism exists. Basically their dream is self-serving. What they want is not peace and prosperity. Afraid of competition and losing the ship, they just want to live happily ever after in the small island.